Odititi’s Lantern

Who is Oditi and what is his lantern?

Oditi believes that the secret to life is hidden in numbers and that only by large-scale analysis of those numbers shall the secrets be found. He didn’t have time to enter, analyse, and interpret all the data in the world, so he established the cult of undiscovered numerical truths. Working on the principle that if you gave a million monkeys typewriters, one of them would re-create Shakespeare, members of the cult sit at their computers crunching numbers in the hope that one of them will unearth the hidden meaning of life. To help his cult Oditi has set up a visual vortex called ‘Oditi’s Lantern’. When Oditi appears in Discovering Statistics Using IBM SPSS Statistics (6th edition) it is to implore you to stare into the lantern, which basically means there is a video tutorial to guide you. For your convenience, this page links to them.

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